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So, I am aware that everyone has been getting a little annoyed with how long the server has been down, and so have I don't worry. But with this new update, brings a mountain of new experiences for everyone to enjoy. From better maps to new and improved plugins to better gamemodes. With this update, I am sure everyone will love what has happened to the network.

Some of the following things have been updated to suit us more.
- New Hub Map
- New Gamemode(s)
- New KitPvP Maps
- Better Global Currency
- Improved experiences
- Better Performance on all Servers
- New Website Updates (You can now see your KitPvP stats on a web interface (link will be released soon)
- New Ranks
- And Much More!

Just some of the few things added, and I believe we can all start playing on the server VERY soon, just keep waiting just a little longer, and it will be playable very soon.


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During the release of the network, there were a couple of issues that we plan to fix in the next coming hours to make the game-play as best as possible for the players, limiting the amount of bugs that will stop your time on the network

A couple of the things that will be fixed in the next couple of hours are;
- Pvp issues
- Crate rewards
- Store issues
- Voting issues
- Updated the messages issue
- Fixed the issue where players were not taken back to spawn
- Fixed Duelling
And more.

For a detailed list of all the updates on the server, make sure to checkout the #change-log in the Discord server. There is a planned network maintenance at 11PM till 1AM GMT, to fix these issues. Hopefully by tomorrow the store will be accessible and that everyone can finally buy packages.